Wednesday, September 3, 2008

An Island that showed me a new world

It is not strange that you traveled to a place which is far away from your home, and excited about its climate, landscape, people, etc, but it's a strange and rare feeling when you go to a land, which is in your neighborhood, for the first time, which provides you a totally different picture about the life. There is an island called Delft, near the Jaffna peninsula, approximately forty kilometers from Jaffna town.

After my advanced level exam, I went there for conducting an examination guidance workshop for the O/L students, the education standard was very low there those days. Me, Thurai, Muthhu (Both of them are in medical faculty, university of Colombo) , Maran (Peradenya Engineering) and Mani (Medical faculty Jaffna) were the five member team.

We started the voyage, from Kurikadduvan, the very same port where you take the launch to Nainaatheevu, and it was said we'll reach the island in one hour time. It was an open boat, and very nice to be on board, with the nice chill breeze. Except five of us, all the others were the residents of the island, and for them there is a few excitement or thrill in the voyage. It was in October or November 2003, so there was a new Tamil movie "Boys" released with an excellent music score from A.R.Rahman. One of the song from that movie a favorite for both me and Maran, which we enjoyed singing on board. The popular scene from Titanic tempted us to climb up to the bow of the boat, without knowing the awaiting disaster. We were standing on top of the bow, the front pat of the boat, enjoying the up and down motion of the boat in the wavy sea. It was simply superb to be on the bow, and we felt, we were floating in the air. Many people warned us, and advised us to get down, but we didn't bother as usuall. The sailor, who was controlloing the tiller, just threw a smile to the people and said, "they will get down by then selves in few minnutes". Soon after that the waves become aggressive, and started to shake the boat up and down severely. Both of us suddenly realized, the meaning of the words from the experience man!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Capturing an image

I've taken a long time, to update my blogger. It was very easy to start the blogger, with a brief introduction, but I've found it bit harder to continue it. Any way, lets talk about the moments I enjoyed the most with my camera!

Most of my friends know I'm not an expert in photography, but all of them know I'm crazy on that. I didn't have many idea on photography in my school days, but attracted towards it during my university life. From the beginning I didn't have interest on capturing images of people, but always focused on natural photography, especially sceneries.

When I started taking photos, I didn't know any sort of theoretical aspects of photography, and didn't take the subject in university as well, but I learnt some thing later on through experience and from my friend Sutha. I only had a 2 mega pixel digital camera.

The above image was taken by that camera, in Polanaruwa, an ancient capital of Sri Lanka. It was an evening, with cloudy sky, but the tank did look great even in dull conditions. It was amazing to see the Sun set behind the mountains far away, in the other shore of the tank. I was impressed by the scenic beauty and tempted to capture an image (I like digital cameras well because they are like online exams, results is found instantly).I was well satisfied with this image, though it could have been captured better.

The most impressive aspect of photography for me is the memories. Whenever we see the photo, all the beautiful moments of that time will come to the mind, and refresh it with lot of energy. The scene, the people around us, the fun we had, the effort, planning, execution, arguments,etc. I enjoy those more than the beauty of the photo!

I know most of you also had the experience same as mine, and also I had seen several people among us have excellent knowledge in photography as well. We may not be able to capture the image as a perfect one, which can satisfy all the rules of photography, but still we can enjoy the joyful moments.

So even with your phone camera, start to capture the world around you, I'm sure the world around you will become more beautiful for you!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

getting into the world of blogs

Hi all,

Finally I've got into the world of blogs, with lot of dreams, and hunger to share my experience and thoughts with you all. I set the title, as I see the life. Lets talk a lot soon. Let share the moments of our lives!!

I feel, the taste of life, is related to, how do we enjoy the moments in our life. Most of us including myself, spend most of our time by missing the gone past days, instead of enjoying the present moments.
Here I'm trying to create a platform, for all of us to share the magical moments of our lives, and through that understand the value of the present life, and enjoy the moments for the best!

Lets try to find out a way to live the life, rather survive!!